Taking a Look at the Apprenticeship for 2020

Taking a Look at the Apprenticeship for 2020

The Richard Review on apprenticeships was published in 2012, by the British based American entrepreneur Doug Richards. It caught Government attention with his belief of the re-definition of apprenticeships.

It emphasised a focus upon industry standards and an endeavour to support entry into employment. Richard’s report viewed that all apprenticeships should deliver on a quality Continue reading “Taking a Look at the Apprenticeship for 2020”

Shopping Online With Confidence

Shopping Online Today

The changes in our lives brought by the internet go on and on. As rapidly as fibre optic cabling can be employed, ever faster broadband has brought different thing into different lives.

The idea that shopping could be carried out online first appeared in 1994, with the sale of Sting’s CD “Ten Summoner’s Tales”, by using encryption so that credit card details could be sent online, unreadable by any other party than the seller.

E-commerce took its first step. Today tens of billions of pounds are being spent on shopping over the internet, a whole new dimension in the retail experience is here. Unfortunately, human nature being what it is, the sound of that many cyber-cash Continue reading “Shopping Online With Confidence”

Timber Framed Versus Masonry Build

Timber Framed House Build or Masonry Build?

Timber frame house construction is on the increase, regardless of the views of traditional house builders and masonry build specialists.

Every house is unique in its construction, even if it seems swathes of housing look the same, each occupies a different piece of ground which may differ from the next.

Whether timber built or masonry built, foundations have to be dug. The lighter weight of the timber frame house means that slightly more Continue reading “Timber Framed Versus Masonry Build”

Driving Without A Licence

Without A Licence Offences

There is a big difference between driving without a licence and driving while disqualified. If you drive while disqualified, you are disobeying a direct instruction from the court and the consequences are severe.

If you are caught driving while disqualified you face the real risk of imprisonment. The courts do not like being ignored or having you Continue reading “Driving Without A Licence”