Driving Without A Licence

Without A Licence Offences

There is a big difference between driving without a licence and driving while disqualified. If you drive while disqualified, you are disobeying a direct instruction from the court and the consequences are severe.

If you are caught driving while disqualified you face the real risk of imprisonment. The courts do not like being ignored or having you disregard their instructions.

Driving without a licence is a lesser offence, where in the main you are caught driving a vehicle for which you don’t have an entitlement. For instance, you are caught driving a manual gearbox car when you have only ever passed an automatic driving test.

Many no licence offences warrant 3 penalty points, whereas some others don’t have points and are non endorsable. Non endorsable offences include circumstances whereby you may have been convicted of an offence without your knowledge and because you were uncontactable, you licence was revoked without your knowledge.

No Licence

Most no licence offences are cases of driving vehicles for which you don’t have the correct entitlement, (these can be defended and good success rates in court, ask pattersonlaw.co.uk for advice) such as a motorcycle without a full motorcycle licence, or driving on your own without a qualified supervisor before you pass a full driving test.

If a court has instructed you not to drive and revoked your licence then continuing to drive is a risky action because you will in all likelihood be imprisoned for a period.